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Welcome to RedTrap's rules
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RedTrap Discord Server Rules
The RedTrap's discord server chatting rules
    To chat on our discord server you have to follow Discord's Terms & Guidelines.
    2.1 Please mentain a civilized language, without cursing, rasism, gossip, photos or videos with indecent content.
    2.2 It i
    s forbidden the indecent language from your status, nick, game activity or name.
    Try to avoid any type of situation that could cause drama.
    It is strictly forbidden to advertise other YouTube / Twitch / channels or Other minecraft servers, posting chat links that have nothing to do with the discord server.
    The troll out of control will lead to the permanent banning of all those involved.
    The key-word is used to check if a player that wants to apply for staff, has read the rules.
    In this case, the key-word is Knockback.
Chat Rules:

1. No swearing

2. No bullying, put-downs, or other harassment

3. No spamming

Punishment: Breaking any of these rules can result in a temporary/permanent mute

RedTrap Minecraft Server Rules

The RedTrap's Minecraft Server Rules Section



Chat Abuse:

   Offensive Language/Insults/Capslock/Spam


-Insults, threats, or vulgar language directed at another player on public chat, through signs, account names, clan tags, etc. are not allowed.


-Abbreviated vulgar language written in other languages or censored such as: fmm, plm, fgm, sugi p**a, fu*k you, b*tch, etc. will be penalized.


-Inappropriate language towards another player, as well as derogatory jokes about nationality, color, or any other human rights-based criteria, will be punished.


- Searching for high management on section just to beg for stuff / events / read your appeals / bug reports / staff aplications, etc will get punished by how to respective staff sees fit


-Spamming the chat is not allowed. We aim to keep a clean chat, free of unrelated content or beyond decency. Players sending repetitive messages (3-4 times) will be penalized.


-Do not try to provoke a player to a quarrel, or else you will be muted.


-Any type of threat, cyber-attack, or doxing is prohibited.


- Not allowing the players to play normally, such as asking for items in order to access certain areas or farming and generally not allowing the game to be played as intended is strictly disallowed


-Abusing capslock in chat is also prohibited.


   *If a player is violating these rules, don't hesitate to report him on the forum.  Player Report


*Violations will result in temporary chat mutes, which could become permanent over time.

*Please ensure all discussions and language are kept within the bounds of decency.




-Advertising unrelated to the RedTrap community (other Minecraft servers, websites, Facebook pages, etc.) is prohibited and may lead to a permanent ban.


*Exceptions are made for popular premium Minecraft servers like Hypixel, Minemen Club, etc. Note that mentioning server names is fine, but don’t encourage players to join or share IP addresses in our Minecraft or Discord chats.


Cheating/Bug Abuse:


-Using any program that alters the game for you or others, or gives an unfair advantage (Cheat/Auto/Macro/Codes/Hack/Mods/etc) will result in all accounts being blocked and potential progress deletion.


-Using any hacking client (e.g., Wurst, LiquidBounce, Rise, Meteors, etc.) is strictly forbidden; penalties are as mentioned above.


-All players must report any discovered bugs to a staff member; abusing bugs like duplicating money/items will result in account suspension and progress loss.


*Staff members are not responsible for item loss due to a bug, but if you are losing items within a bug, report it immediately.  Bug Report


Impersonating Staff:


-People posing as current staff members, or as a family relative/member of staff to gain in-game advantages or threaten another player will face severe penalties, including a permanent account block.


*Staff members will NEVER ask for your login details.

*Staff members will NEVER request items from you.

*Staff members will NEVER ask for favors.

*Staff members will NEVER show favoritism in exchange for items or past favors. If you notice such behavior, please report it to higher-ranking staff as soon as possible.  Staff Report


Scamming and Trading:


-While trading, it’s advised to record the process to provide evidence to the staff in case you're scammed, ensuring item recovery and the scammer’s penalty.


-Selling in-game items or things not available on the official RedTrap store for real money (e.g., Paysafecard, PayPal, Revolut, Bank Transfer, etc.) on our server is prohibited. Successful transactions will lead to all parties being penalized.


-However, if you wish to purchase a server rank and want to trade in-game items for it with another player, it’s advised to record the process.


-Any attempt to deceive players, for example by renaming items (like changing a Dirt block name to Diamond block) then placing them in shulkers, renaming to spawner, etc., followed by placing them in /ah, will be severely penalized.


*Staff doesn’t oversee in-game trades; thus, we aren’t responsible for failed trades where you were scammed without video evidence.




Survival (SkyBlock, Oneblock, etc):


-You can't set TPA-KILL traps; doing so risks your protection deletion and confiscation of items.


-No farming items/money using hacks, e.g., X-RAY, Fly, etc. Doing so risks losing all your items.


-No obscene constructions. Violators face a temporary ban and the construction's removal.


-Asking staff members for any kind of items not allowed, this can result in a chat mute.


BedWars / SkyWars / PracticePvP (Minigames):


-Cross-teaming is prohibited. You can’t team up with players from other teams in Solo, Duo, 4v4, etc. modes. This can lead to a permanent ban.


-Any form of skybase is prohibited. This can result in a kick from the match or, over time, a temporary account block.


-Spawn killing is prohibited. You can’t farm points/kills on other players after each respawn. This risks point reset or even permanent ban.


-In private 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, etc. matches, the above penalties don’t apply.


-Using hacks will inevitably lead to a permanent account block.


-Making obscene buildings may result in a temporary ban.


*On the BoxPvP section, teaming is allowed in max. 3 players, violating this rule may result in losing all the progress or blocking the account. 
   *Don't hesitate to report the players that are violating this rule.  Player Report


Nicknames / Clans:


-No vulgar or obscene names on your accounts or clan tag/name. Such accounts will be permanently blocked, and clans will be deleted.


-Don't use names similar to staff members to avoid confusion or misuse.


NOTE: You can post evidence on popular sites like Imgur, MedalTV, Microsoft, etc. Also, post photo evidence (screenshots) or video recordings in .mp4 format on dedicated report channels on Discord or the forum. 


Important links:  Bug Report   Player Report   Staff Report